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A Digital Camera.

We aim to assist you when searching for your video slideshow information and maybe reduce the amount of time and frustration it takes to find what you want. We hope you find VideoSlideshowSite both informative and maybe even fun and entertaining. We provide a range of information on turning your photos, video clips and music into video slideshows including:

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1 – Video Slideshows Guide

Turn your holiday snaps into a video slideshow.

Find out how slideshows have advanced from the use of slides with electro-mechanical equipment like an overhead projector or a carousel slide projector. These days we use digital media with the digital camera and DVD slideshow software programs, like the Animoto DVD slideshow maker. Find out how a video slideshow can bring your photos and video clips to life.

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2 – Animoto For Businesses & Professionals

Professional photographer.

Animoto for businesses and professionals provides the features needed by businesses and professionals with the Animoto Pro and Animoto Pro Premium accounts.

Animoto for Businesses and professionals enables business people to create amazing photography video slideshows to promote their own business products or services by creating a promotional video slideshow. You can also create them for clients with an Animoto Pro Premium account. Creating video slideshows with Animoto reduces the time spent messing around with video slideshow production details so you can spend more time on more profitable business matters.

  • Animoto for Business – Reasons to use Animoto for business purposes include: Merchandise sales; Advertising a service; Product overview; Company holiday card.
  • Animoto for Real Estate / Property – Reasons to use Animoto for real estate or property purposes include: Property listing; Realtor / Estate agent promo video; Just sold video; Neighbourhood video.
  • Animoto for Professional Photographers – Reasons to use Animoto for professional photography purposes include: Wedding slideshows; Senior portraits; Family portraits; Children’s portraits. Find out more information about Animoto for Photography in our post.

In this 1 minute 57 seconds video you can see how Animoto Pro can be used to impress clients so you still have time to enjoy life.

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3 – Animoto Personal Video Slideshow Maker

Make your photos come to life.

Find out about how easy and quick it is to make an Animoto Free video slideshow from your digital photographs, video clips and music. The Animoto video slideshow software is a video slideshow maker, video maker and DVD maker. Animoto enables anyone to automatically produce expert, stunning video slideshows. Find out about the Animoto Free Account DVD and Video Slideshow Maker.

The following example of photography video slideshows entitled “Photography As An Art?” was created with an Animoto Free account using 10 photos and a music track from the Animoto music library. At the time this Animoto short video slideshow was created, it took about 5 minutes to render:

Photography As Art

This 36 seconds Animoto video slideshow, displays a set of unusual photographs that can be considered art in an interesting way!



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