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2GB SD Cards – A Everyday Necessity?

Are 2GB SD Cards A Necessity?

Now, with more and more people going down the digital path to take pictures and videos, memory cards have become crucial.

Memory cards are useful to store pictures and movies and are exceptionally small and light in weight and easily portable.

Memory cards come in a variety of sizes like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, etc SD cards.

Though a few professional photographers are still using the customary film cameras, the number of people utilizing the film cameras has drastically diminished.

Photos taken by way of the digital camera are stored in multiple formats. The regularly used formats to store the pictures are the JPEG format and the RAW format.

Some digital camera manufacturers let pictures be taken in RAW format and some let the pictures be taken in JPEG format.

About 2GB SD Cards

If a photo taken in JPEG format occupied about 1.4 MB of memory space then 2GB SD Cards would be able to store easily around 150 pictures.

2GB SD Cards are extremely inexpensive and could therefore be used for short duration weekend trips.

You will find 2 main kinds of 2GB memory cards. The 2GB flash memory cards and the 2GB SD Cards, or secure digital (SD) memory cards. 2GB Flash memory cards are particularly suitable for taking videos and pictures, whereas the 2GB SD cards are frequently employed to store data in a secured format.

The most modern version of the SD card is the 2GB MicroSD Card which often store sharper images than the ordinary SD card.

Some of the popular maker that manufactures of these 2GB SD Cards include San Disk, Kingston and Transcend. You can purchase these 2GB CD Cards from online shopping portals such as Amazon and other electronics mega stores.

Now and then, these internet portals will put clearance sales and sales at the time of Thanksgiving or other holidays. You could possibly get discount rates within the range of 40%-50% of the original market price.

Though 2GB SD Cards store only restricted number of pictures and video clips, they are exceptionally useful and serve up the purpose of storing images of top quality at the time of short trips and small get togethers.

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