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Grunge Frames On Photos Honestly Improves Their Presentation

Example Of Grunge Frames

It is certainly traditional for people to frame a picture when they display it on the wall to improve the beauty of it, but they usually do not frame a photograph when they present it on their photo sharing site.

Without a frame it is a poor presentation for the image. A person needs to add a frame, or maybe better yet, a sloppy border in order to make the image really stand out and be some thing special.

Adding grunge frames to images is a time consuming task in Photoshop. First you need to make the border, then you must apply it onto the photo.

This can require some time as you need to use layers and resize the border so that it fits adequately with the image you want to apply the sloppy border to.

There is a program, called Sloppy Borders, that makes adding borders to a picture painless and also fast.

The program user is able to quickly choose among various supplied borders, give them a try on his or her image. They can also easily try another border if they do not like the looks.

Checkout the video below to see how easy it truly is. I am certain once you look at it and see the ease of use, you will use it often.

Creating Grunge Frames In Photoshop

Photoshop Grunge Frames

Need grunge frames (borders) in a hurry? Then try this Photoshop effect.

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