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Christmas Dinner Dance Or Christmas Party Video Slideshow! A SPICE Christmas Celebration!

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Christmas Party Video Slideshow Intro

Christmas Dinner Dance Or Christmas Party Video Slideshow! A SPICE Christmas Celebration!

Each year most people celebrate Christmas in one way or another.

I like parties and balls and attend several each year.

For me Christmas would not be the same without a celebration so even when the ground is covered with snow and the traffic is grinding to a halt I find a way to get to my annual Christmas celebration.

Every year there are many organizations that celebrate Christmas with a dinner dance or ball.

As with other balls throughout the year, a tuxedo, also called a dinner jacket (DJ), is usually the order of the day for men, whilst women will most likely wear a ball gown.

Practically speaking, most women ensure they can dance in their attire as a disco is a major part of the evening celebration.

Some people may decide to dress in a more seasonal way and wear red Christmas type outfits or at least add some tinsel to their outfit.

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Example Of A Christmas Party Video Slideshow

Christmas Dinner Dance Or Christmas Party Video Slideshow! A SPICE Christmas Celebration! is a video slideshow created using Animoto’s online service. The event was a Christmas Dinner Dance Ball with SPICE West Midlands in December 2009 based at The Burlington Hotel in Birmingham in the West Midlands. During the evening I took a number of photos and video clips to show the evening proceedings. A Christmas dinner dance ball is a time for things related to Christmas so to go along with the theme of the event chose some Christmas style music for the video slideshow background music. The Christmas dinner dance ball video slideshow below is a good representation of the proceedings of the evening.

Christmas Dinner Dance Or Christmas Party Video Slideshow! A SPICE Christmas Celebration! was created so that I could show the evening activities to my family and friends. On top of that I wanted a permanent record of the evening for myself so that in future years I could look back at the event with a dynamic record in the form of a video slideshow. I did not plan the length of the video slideshow and it came out at 6 minutes 13 second when produced with the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker.

Christmas Disco! Christmas Ball! A SPICE Christmas Celebration Video Slideshow!

This Christmas Dinner Dance Ball and party video slideshow shows myself and some of my SPICE Birmingham friends having plenty of fun at a Christmas Dinner Dance Party at the Burlington Hotel.

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Making The Christmas Party Video Slideshow

The planning of the video slideshow simply involved the organization of photos and video clips on my computer and some time to think of text to place at specific point in the video slideshow. Although it is extremely easy to organize material using the Animoto interface after material is uploaded, my preference is to organize my material on my computer prior to the upload. This ensures I retain a permanent copy of the material sequence and also enables me to use them for other reasons like uploading to photo album websites. After uploading material to Animoto I entered these text captions between photos and video clips using the storyboard interface of Animoto:

  1. Happy Christmas! SPICE Dinner Dance 2009;
  2. Getting Ready;
  3. Hotel Warm Up;
  4. In Reception;
  5. Priorities First! Order Drinks For The Table!;
  6. At The Table;
  7. First Course! Yum Yum!;
  8. SPICE Speech! By Richard Coulter!;
  9. Interview With Richard Coulter!;
  10. Dave! It’s not got any strings!;
  11. Table Sing Song! Jingle Bells!
  12. More Singing! Rudolph!;
  13. Even More Singing! Days Of Christmas!;
  14. Time For The Disco, The Blues Brothers;
  15. The SPICE Blues Brothers;
  16. A Little Bit Of Madness!;
  17. On Stage And Still Standing!;
  18. Group Dancing! Standing!;
  19. Group Dance! Sitting!;
  20. On Stage! And Getting Down!;
  21. And finally! A Group Sing Along!;
  22. That’s All Folks! Have a Happy Christmas!;

A Christmas ball is a time for things in an appropriate Christmas style, so as the sound track I chose a Christmas style tune. To make this video slideshow with the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker I did the following:

  1. After making a backup copy of my materials, I organized the photos and video clips into the order I wanted whilst working on my PC and deleted any low quality or any other photos I did not want to use;
  2. Animoto online design and configuration:
    • I chose the “Original” Animoto style template to provide fancy transition effects;
    • I uploaded my material to Animoto;
    • I added a flashing lights video clip and some Christmas scene photos together with a video clip of a glass of wine being poured to the start of the video slideshow from the photos video clips libraries of Animoto;
    • I also added a video clip of a bunch of hands celebrating with drinks plus a number of Christmas scene photos at the end of the video slideshow from Animoto’s libraries;
    • I emphasised some photos using the spotlight function – this meant that those photos would be shown for longer and be given a fancy transition;
    • I entered my text descriptions and comments prior to the photos or video clips they applied to;
  3. To complete the video slideshow I: chose “Jolly Old St Nicholas Jingle Bells” by Bill Cunliffe as the music track to use from the Jazz genre of the Animoto music library; chose the automatic pacing option; wrote the title and description, then clicked the “Create Video” button;

After several minutes I received an email from Animoto to notify me that my low resolution video slideshow of Christmas Dinner Dance Or Christmas Party Video Slideshow! A SPICE Christmas Celebration! was completed. After watching this low resolution version online and making sure it was what I wanted and checking to make sure there were no errors, I clicked on the buttons to generated high resolution versions. My commercial Animoto Pro licence enables me to make all the high resolution versions I want. Once finished, I downloaded high resolution versions to my computer. After that I uploaded the high resolution copy to my YouTube account. In addition, I downloaded an ISO type file which burns a DVD from my computer just by double clicking on it.

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