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Funny Walmart Shoppers Pictures – a Funny Video Slideshow

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Introduction To Walmart Shoppers Video Slideshows

Funny Walmart Shoppers Pictures - A Funny Video Slideshow

Funny Walmart Shoppers Pictures – A Funny Video Slideshow is a video slideshow that shows a number of unique, weird, unusual Walmart shoppers pictures.

How this video slideshow came into being was quite simplistic.

A friend of mine circulated the set of Walmart shoppers pictures via email.

As I considered the pictures were funny and they put a smile on my face I decided to turn them into a funny video slideshow.

I cannot say I have ever seen anyone dressed like this whilst shopping here in the UK at our shopping stores.

That does not mean it does not happen as I don not get out and about that much!

As the photos of the Walmart shoppers were quite unusual I thought that some unusual music was warranted to accompany the pictures.

Read about the funny video slideshow I created below.

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Contents On Walmart Shoppers Video Slideshows

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Example Of A Walmart Shoppers Video Slideshow

Funny Walmart Shoppers Pictures – A Funny Video Slideshow was done for a bit of fun and the play time was unimportant. However, I did decide that it should be short. The video slideshow final play length came out to be 2 minutes 28 seconds using the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker.

Funny Walmart Shoppers! Learn How To Make Your Own Animoto Videos & Slideshows!

This Funny Walmart Shoppers Video Slideshow is a straighforward funny video slideshow showing a number of funny, unusual, weird, unique Walmart shoppers pictures with some lively funky music.

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Making The Walmart Shoppers Video Slideshow

There was no real planning done before producing this video slideshow was. As I uploaded the pictures to Animoto I chose to use the same format as I had used on other funny video slideshows:

  1. Intro text;
    • My Name, Web Address – Richard Griffin,;
    • A little bit of text – Walmart Shoppers;
  2. Followed by the funny photos;
  3. End – My Name, Web Address – Richard Griffin,;

To make this funny video slideshow with the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker I did the following:

  1. I used the existing order of the pictures on my PC;
  2. Design an configuration involved:
    • I selected the “Animoto Original” style template;
    • Next the 14 pictures were uploaded from my PC to Animoto online;
    • Next all the pictures were spotlighted so Animoto knew they were all important and to show them for longer;
    • Next I entered the text messages to be shown at the beginning and end;
  3. Lastly I chose the lively funky music “I Put A What – Feat Valeska Jakobowicz” by Copperpot from the Top40 genre in the Animoto Music Library; used the half pace speed option; typed in the video slideshow description and title; then clicked on the “Create Video” button to make it;

A short time later Funny Walmart Shoppers Pictures – A Funny Video Slideshow had been generated in low resolution form by Animoto.

I then downloaded the video slideshow to my PC so I had a copy of it and then uploaded it to my YouTube account.

Animoto Distribution Options

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