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New Years Eve Party! Make Your Own New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow!

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New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow Intro

New Years Eve Party! A New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow!

Every year people all around the world celebrate the end of the present year and the beginning of a New Year in some form.

A party is the usual way and that’s how I like to celebrate the New Year.

New Year’s Eve is usually one of the most fun parties of the year for me.

It would not feel right to me if I did not celebrate the start of another year with a party and wish the friends and/or family around me a Happy New Year.

People celebrate the New Year in different ways.

It may be a small, intimate family celebration at home where everyone knows each other.

On the other hand, it could be a large public celebration where you only know a few people but everyone is in a celebratory mood.

The style of celebration environment I prefer is somewhere in between these two with a community or small membership group.

With this type of celebration I know quite a few like minded people who like to celebrate the New Year in the same way as me.

The celebration starts off with a meal and is followed by a disco. In this specific celebration there is also a karaoke available during the disco.

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Contents On Celebration Video Slideshows

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Example Of A New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow

New Years Eve Party! Make Your Own New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow is a video slideshow I produced with the Animoto internet based service. The event was a New Year’s Eve Meal, Disco and Karaoke evening that we organised for about twenty of our closest friends from SPICE West Midlands to see in the 2010 New Year. It was based at Chung Ying Gardens in the Chinese Quarter of Birmingham City Centre.

As the evening progressed, I took several photographs and video clips of friends in a party mood. A few were also taken of me in a party mood and being silly! A New Year’s Eve celebration is a time for fun and feeling good so to go along with the theme of the event I chose some feel good instrumental music as the background music for the video slideshow. The New Year’s Eve Party video slideshow below shows the food, fun and frivolities of the evening.

New Years Eve Party! Make Your Own New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow was created for my own pleasure so I could look back at the evening in the years to come and also to show to my family. The video slideshow length was not planned and ended up at 7min 51sec when generated using the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker.

New Years Eve Celebration! Create Your Own New Years Eve Party Video Slideshow!

This New Years Eve Celebration video slideshow shows myself and some of my friends having plenty of fun celebrating and bringing in the New Year at a New Years Eve Party at Chung Ying Gardens in Birmingham England with a Chineese set meal, disco and karaoke.

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Making The New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow

Video slideshow planning consisted of downloading the photographs and video clips from my camera onto my PC; taking a backup copy and organizing them into the sequence I want within a folder. This involved deleting poor quality or unwanted items from the backup copy. It is easy and simple to organize your materials into the sequence to want using the Animoto interface after you upload them. However, I prefer to organize my materials on my computer prior to the upload. This way I retain a permanent duplicate of the material sequence which I can use as I wish for other purposes.

After uploading my pre-organized material to Animoto I browsed the Animoto video clip library and decided to add these video clips:

  • At the beginning of the video slideshow:
    • Zooming in on the planet;
    • Panning across bottles of alcohol;
    • Champagne being poured into a glass;
    • A dog wearing a party hat;
  • In the middle of the video slideshow at roughly the midnight position:
    • A clock rotating past 12;
    • A fireworks display;
  • At the end of the video slideshow:
    • Glasses in hands coming together for a cheers;

Next I took some time to come up with text captions to position with the video slideshow. I then entered these text captions through Animoto’s storyboard interface:

  1. Bringing in 2010! A New Year Celebration!
  2. At Chung Ying Gardens! In Birmingham City Centre!
  3. Gathering! Around the tables!
  4. A Non New Year Resolution Gal!
  5. Chop Stick Success!
  6. Found A New Year Resolution Gal!
  7. Another Non New Year Resolution Gal!
  8. Yet Another Non New Year Resolution Gal!
  9. The Food! Just kept on coming!
  10. Found A New Year Resolution Man!
  11. Time To Start Dancing!
  12. Table Art!
  13. Happy New Year!
  14. A Little Bit Of Ceroc Dancing!
  15. More Table Art!
  16. The Lads! Step up to the Mic!
  17. Dave! Step up to the Mic!
  18. Sandra! Step up to the Mic!
  19. Vampire Victim!
  20. End of the night! A final chat around the table!
  21. A New Year Starts! Cheers – All The Best For 2010;

A New Year’s Eve Party is a time for having fun and about feeling good about the future, so I chose an appropriate background music track. To sum up, these are the steps I did to create this video slideshow using the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker:

  • On my PC:
    • Made backup copy of materials;
    • Deleted low quality and unwanted material from backup copy;
    • Organized backup copy into the sequence I wanted;
  • Using Animoto online:
    • Selected “Original” Animoto style template for fancy transitions;
    • Uploaded material to Animoto;
    • Added extra video clips from Animoto video clip library;
    • Spotlighted some photographs to be shown for longer and have a fancy transition;
    • Typed-in text captions at appropriate positions;
    • Selected the “Goodness” music track by Soul P. from instrumental genre of Animoto’s music library;
    • Selected automatic pacing;
    • Typed-in a title and description;
    • Clicked “Create Video” button to generate video slideshow;

A short while later Animoto
sent me an email saying the low resolution video slideshow of New Years Eve Party!

Make Your Own New Years Eve Celebration Video Slideshow! was ready.

I then watched the low resolution video slideshow to check that the sequence was suitable and to make sure there were no typing errors.

Next I chose to create high resolution versions of my video slideshow using my commercial Animoto Pro licence.

To finish off, I downloaded the high resolution video slideshow versions to my PC and then uploaded a high resolution copy to my YouTube account.

Animoto Distribution Options

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