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Party And Balls Compilation Video Slideshow! Make Your Own Video Medley!

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Introduction To Compilation Video Slideshows

Party And Balls Compilation Video Slideshow! Make Your Own Video Medley!

Over the years I have been to various parties and balls and taken some photographs here and there.

However, on quite a few occasions I have not taken enough photographs to warrant making a complete video slideshow out of the occasions.

I then decided to make use of the photographs by making a compilation video slideshow of parties and balls.

Party And Balls Compilation Video Slideshow! Make Your Own Video Medley! is the resultant video slideshow I created using Animoto.

Over time you may attend a number of events where you take some photographs as a memory of the event.

Often these photographs are either tucked away in photo albums or stored on computer drives, never to be seen again.

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Contents On Compilation Video Slideshows

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Example Of A Compilation Video Slideshow

Balls And Party Compilation Video Slideshow! Make Your Own Video Medley!

This Balls And Party Compilation Video Slideshow shows myself and some of my SPICE Birmingham friends having plenty of fun at a Medley of Parties and Balls at Birmingham Events.

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About Compilation Video Slideshows

A photo album is usually a bulky item and as a result is usually stored away out of sight and forgotten. A photo album is also an old fashioned way of keeping photographs and looking through them. Storing your photographs on a computer drive is more dynamic than a physical photo album and you can even arrange them in sets and look through them as a simple slideshow. However, turning on the computer, locating the photographs and setting up the slideshow takes time and may feel like too much effort for many people. Also, you usually have to relocate yourself to the location of the computer.

Taking a little time and effort now, creating a compilation video slideshow of events can reap rewards for years to come. It can be stored on your computer; your mobile device; on the internet; or on a DVD. It can then be accessed whenever you want; wherever you want; via your mobile device or on your home television.

A compilation or medley of events turned into a video slideshow serves as a great way to reminisce about various events you have done, either over a single year or over a number of years. It is also a great way to share the photographs with others. Each time you fancy looking back over the years, all you need to do is select the video slideshow you want and play it.

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Making The Compilation Video Slideshow

I created Party And Balls Compilation Video Slideshow! Make Your Own Video Medley! so that in years to come I could look back at the events and reminisce about the good times I had. The length of the video slideshow was not important and ended up at 2min 57sec when created with the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker. The planning and design of the video slideshow consisted of:

  • Creating a folder on my computer drive;
  • Copying the photographs I wanted into the folder;
  • Numbering and organizing the photographs within the folder;

I could have uploaded the photographs to Animoto first and then rearranged them easily within the Animoto interface. Because I prefer to keep a permanent copy of my organized materials so that I can use them again for any other purpose I wish; I organize my materials before uploading to Animoto. Next I did the following using the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker:

  • Selected “Original” Animoto style template for fancy transitions;
  • Uploaded my materials to Animoto;
  • Looked through Animoto’s libraries of video clips and added these:
    • At the beginning of the video slideshow:
      • Countdown introduction;
      • A setting sun;
      • Panning across bottles of alcohol;
      • Champagne being poured into a glass;
    • I finished off the video slideshow with a video clip:
      • Glasses in hands coming together for a cheers;
  • Then I spotlighted some photographs to be shown for longer and have a fancy transition;
  • Next I entered some captions of text at specific positions within the video slideshow. I actually organized the photographs in sets of three and added a text caption before each set:
    1. Time to party! With SPICE! – placed prior to the video panning across bottles of alcohol;
    2. Compilation of SPICE Parties and Balls;
    3. Halloween Party 2006;
    4. Chinese New Year Party 2007;
    5. Black Country Party 2007;
    6. Summer Ball 2008;
    7. Back To School Party 2008;
    8. Christmas Ball 2008;
    9. Summer Ball 2009, Getting Ready;
    10. In The Garden;
    11. At The Table;
    12. Riverboat Shuffle 2009;
    13. The End, That’s All Folks! – placed prior to the glasses in hands coming together for a cheers;
  • Parties and balls are times for having fun and a good time. To go with this feeling I selected a suitable fun party type background music track called “Rock The Floor” by Tinymusic from the Pop genre of the Animoto music library;
  • I then chose the automatic video pacing option;
  • Next I entered both a title and description;
  • Finally, I clicked the “Create Video” button to create the video slideshow;

After a few minutes Animoto emailed me to tell me the Party And Balls Compilation Video Slideshow! Make Your Own Video Medley! low resolution version video slideshow was completed. After looking through the low resolution version to ensure it was suitable and without errors I elected to generate high resolution versions of the video slideshow using my commercial Animoto Pro licence.

I then downloaded all versions of the video slideshow versions to my computer so that I had permanent copies and then uploaded the high resolution version to my YouTube account.

Animoto Distribution Options

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