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Animoto Free Account DVD and Video Slideshow Maker

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Introdcution To Animoto Free Account

The Animoto Free slideshow software is a video slideshow maker, video maker and DVD maker.

If you want to make a slideshow, Animoto lets you automatically generate professional looking video slideshows.

In a nutshell, the Animoto video slideshow maker takes your digital photographs, video clips and music and converts them into a video slideshow.

Although the process of generating the actual video slide show is automated the finished video has a very impressive professional look and feel about it.

As the Animoto video slideshow maker has patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence which was developed to behave just as if it were a real human editor and director, one could say it is a slideshow creator or video creator.

Animoto uses impressive screen effects and transitions that change to the rhythm of the background music chosen.

The finished video is created in a widescreen format and contains the visual dynamism of a music video and the emotional effect of a motion picture preview.

Note: Since writing this post the Animoto interface has changed.

However, the same principles and processes of choosing images, selecting music and finalizing still apply to video slideshow creation with Animoto.

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Contents For Animoto Free Account

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An Example Video Using The Animoto Free Account

As an example of what can be achieved with the Animoto Free account I created the Animoto short video below from 14 photos and I used a song from the Animoto music library. If you have a short attention span then you may get a little frustrated while you wait for the Animoto DVD slideshow software to render the video. However, the final video slideshow is worth the wait. At the time I created the above Animoto short, it took about 10 minutes to render:

Is This Art, Photography or Both? Animoto Pro for Photography!

“Easily Create A Video Slideshow” or even your own “Art or Photography Presentation video” and as many ecards as you want, similar to this video using your own photos! What do you think about this Animoto video slideshow? Photographs that could be considered art! What do you think?

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Benefits Of Animoto

Animoto Free - The Element Manager or Image Editing Screen.

There are many free slideshow programs and free slideshow software on the market. Here’s what I feel makes the Animoto video slideshow maker the best free slideshow creator:

  • Great presentation & promotion tool – Animoto produces great quality videos with real benefits that can be used in private entertainment and for public presentations, online publishing, marketing, training and many other application areas;
  • Cost-effective – The Animoto Free account speaks for itself, very useful and free! If you like what Animoto can do but want to do more with it then the flat fee upgrades are very affordable;
  • Saves you a lot of time – Animoto allows you to create professional looking videos with the visual impact of an expert in a short span;
  • Easy to learn & use – I wouldn’t go as far as to say there is no learning curve for Animoto, but the interface is well designed and can be learnt very quickly. After reading this article it may take you no more than 15 minutes to learn about everything Animoto can do. Animoto also provides help, tips and clues as to what each function does.
  • No two videos are the exactly the same – Each time Animoto produces a video, it is unique from all other videos you have created with Animoto.
  • Automatic video production – with one click Animoto automatically analyzes, plans, produces, and renders your video in about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the number of images you have used and the work load on the Animoto servers.
  • Multimedia – Animoto is not just a photo slideshow maker, it combines video clips, photos, and text in one video;
  • Music – A large library of licensed music is provided or you can upload your own from your PC or MAC;
  • Easy distribution – Animoto has sharing, embedding and export functions;
  • Make slideshows directly from your iPhone – That’s cool man!

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How Animoto Works

Animoto Free - The Music Genre Selection Screen.

The Animoto video slideshow maker has three sections which follow a logical sequence but you can switch back and forth between them when you want. In my case, usually to correct any errors:

  1. IMAGES – You select the images you want to use in your audio-visual presentation, photos, video-clips and text, from the Animoto library or your own source.
  2. MUSIC – You select the music or audio soundtrack you want to use, either from the Animoto library of licensed soundtracks or your own source of music track.
  3. FINALIZE – Choose the image pacing and video cover screen, and enter the details of the video title, description and producer name. You then click on a button and Animoto automatically produces a new audio-video slideshow.

You then see a progress bar to indicate the stage of the video production process of your video but without any time estimates. When the video is ready you are sent an email. Until then you can get on with any other work on your PC or MAC.

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Features Of Animoto Free Account

The standard features offered to all Animoto account types are simple, yet this makes it very easy to learn and use:

  • Create an unlimited number of Animoto videos;
  • Use the element manager which enables you to:
    • Easily upload or arrange your photo and videos – these can be from the hard disk of your PC or MAC, or from a number of pre-selected online image-sharing sites such as Flickr and Facebook, or from the database of pre-selected Animoto images and video slips;
    • Manipulate images such as spotlight (i.e. give special visual emphasis), rotate, duplicate, delete and shuffle them;
    • Add text elements;
  • Add music or audio sound tracks from:
    • Animoto’s music library which contains 500+ music tracks of different genres from which to choose;
    • Your own collection the hard drive of your PC or MAC;
    • Note: If you want to publish your Animoto video on the Internet then the music you use should be copyright-free or you may run into some trouble.
  • Choose the image pacing – this can be normal, half or twice speed;
  • Select the image for the video cover screen;
  • Easy video distribution via the sharing function:
    • Include your videos to sites like Facebook and Twitter;
    • Share your video link with your contacts;
    • Email your video link to your contacts;
  • Use an embed function – so you can include your video code on other sites;
  • Use an export function – so you can post your videos to YouTube and SmugMug;
  • Use a 1-click remix – to create a new unique video with a different sequence and set of transitions from the same set of images.
  • Multitasking feature – just like with other online services, the Animoto servers do all the hard work and you are free to use your computer to do other tasks while your video is being produced. You can even start producing more videos whilst the first is still being generated.

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Free Animoto Account Limitations

As a DVD slideshow maker, the Animoto video slideshow maker software needs to have some practical imitations so that people do not try to create insanely large video projects. A few limitations that have been placed on all Animoto account types are:

  • Individual image file size of 5MB;
  • Music file size limit of 10MB or 10 minutes;
  • Video clip file size limit of 200MB.

With the basic Animoto Free account there are some additional limitations:

  • Each Video is limited to 30 seconds or about 8-15 photos, depending on the sound track you choose;
  • You can only include 5-second video clips;

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The Cost Of Animoto

The Animoto Free Account is a basic service provided by Animoto at no charge, although there are obviously some limitations to what can be done with the free service as described above. As of writing this article; if you want to create a video slideshow exceeding the above limitations then you will need to purchase an Animoto plan.

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Summary On Animoto

I feel that Animoto video slideshow maker may be one of, if not the best slideshow software on the market today!

Animoto is a DVD slideshow maker and great online slideshow service that enables you to create impressive video slideshow presentations in a fraction of the time it would take an expert editor.

Since I first discovered the Animoto video slideshow maker in October 2009 I have become a great fan of it.

I immediately purchased Animoto Pro, the professional version which enabled me to start making commercial videos.

You can get a basic Animoto Free account for creating an unlimited number of 30 second video slideshows and it only costs $30 per year to create an unlimited number of video slideshows containing up to 300 elements and of any duration up to 10 minutes.

You have seen above that I was able to produce a great looking video slideshow in a matter of minutes.

What the Animoto video slideshow maker can achieve is very impressive.

If you had the ability, talent and tools, you would have needed at least a number of hours to produce something similar.

With the advent of the Animoto video slideshow maker, anyone can now create a fancy presentation that has both visual and emotional impact, whatever level of skills they have.

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