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A Glimpse On Underwater Photography Using Underwater Cameras.

Underwater Cameras

Jools and Lucy take a dip in the Stuff swimming pool to try out the latest in waterproof cameras technology.

Underwater photography, Underwater Photo of Fish at Hanauma Bay

Underwater Cameras, Underwater Photo of Fish at Hanauma Bay—the bridge (

Underwater photography shows the whole underwater world to the surface.

Underwater photographers have taken it upon themselves to bring the underwater world to those that don’t like to submerge or perhaps never had the opportunity.

While all photography is a skill the underwater world needs special skills and the best underwater cameras to achieve the highest quality.

Unlike other wild life photography, the under water world, the sea life, has to be snapped very close, and this is due to the density of the water.

The water refracts pictures frequently deforming them so that the closer you are to the subject the less water you have between you and the subject, the less refraction will happen.

Under water photography requires a great amount of patience. Your subject may swim quickly by, or they may conceal into the anemones popping out just when danger isn’t felt. There are particles in the water, most generally living organisms called plankton and as those particles often float by, and while you are going to take the photo you can loose contrast and sharpness of the image.

Marine life uses the basis of hiding more than speed or survival of the fittest. This indicates you will often find your subject camouflaged rather than out in the open. You have got to seek your subject with grit, without startling it. The under water world demands respect. You do not need to touch the living creatures and so you have to learn how to move with the prevailing while trying to attain the perfect shot. Plenty of sea life can die if you touch them, particularly coral so having a hobby of underwater photography requires you to follow the guidelines, a code of ethics.

Underwater flash or even more typically called a strobe can help you gain the light you need to take a perfect picture. It is crucial to have a strobe with an underwater digital camera. It will help you bring other colours rather than red and orange into the photo. The strobe only should be mid-sized, any bigger and it can hinder your photograph taking experience.

Composition is also vital. You will follow the same rule you probably did in regular photography; but you still need to have an upwards angle on the subject. This goes back to the camouflage system of most sea species. They tend to melt into their hideouts or in a few cases, their bodies are designed to conceal in the water when swimming very fast. When you’re trying hard to get a clear photo when the target mixes into the background can be difficult and creates a challenge.

When handling underwater photography as a pastime you’ll need to perfect your photography skills on land first. Once you take good shots on land you can go for the harder version of the underwater world, where some laws you have used no longer apply and accomplishing the best photo needs a lot of patience as well as talent. It brings the sea life to the surface alleviating some of the unknown.

If you find you are just beginning to have an interest in it you’ll need to search out a pro underwater photography class to educate yourself on some of the important techniques as well as practice. You can find good underwater cameras on Amazon.

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