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Canon EOS 550D – A Great Entry Level Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 550D Review

In this video we review the Canon EOS 550, also known as the Rebel T2i.

Canon EOS 550D

The Canon EOS 550D price is definitely an excellent first DSLR. The Canon 550D may also be an excellent ultimate DSLR because it has almost all the capabilities of digital SLR cameras that are twice the price. If you are you seeking a great DSLR camera then the Canon EOS 550D comes in at a great price.

Less than a year after the launch of an 500D (also called Rebel T1i) came along another addition to Canon’s well-liked DSLR range, the Canon 550D (T2i). With the Canon EOS 450D and also Canon 550D, they pulled away to some extent from the entry level DSLR, a sector influenced very much by price. The Canon 550D outgunned many higher entry level and mid-range DSLRs on the market with regards to features and put this DSLR system with all it’s features at the control of the end-user at an inexpensive price.

The Canon EOS 550D has the following advantages. The features that best still picture quality for its class. The actual video picture quality is nice using 1080p in 30 frames per second and also 720p in 60fps. Finally, the Canon EOS 550D is really pleasant to carry and also manage. It even offers a professional HD Video mode to get stunning Total HD videos. Being able to record as many as 3,7 fps, it is good to go the actual instant it is grabbed.

It offers Advanced Live View, the brand new wide-area display screen, furthermore features just like Canon’s brilliant Auto Lighting optimizer and also Highlight Shade capabilities make for brilliant pictures and videos. With some of the many avant-garde characteristics of the digital SLR, it is basically the best EOS Canon features eve developed. This fantastic DSLR is currently sold at a fantastic price, so make sure to benefit from the opportunity!

The Canon 550D is positioned slightly below a Canon EOS 50D and the more specialist focused 7D found in Canon’s product line, nevertheless in several areas it beats those better specified digital cameras. For example, that Canon 550D comes with eighteen MP whereas the Canon EOS 50D has merely 15.1. Moreover, this Canon 550D delivers more innovative HD video functions, being able to manually regulate exposure.

The Canon EOS 550D is definitely an excellent first DSLR. But also the Canon 550D is perhaps an excellent ultimate DSLR as it has almost all the capabilities of digital SLR cameras which are twice that price. 18 mp combined with total high definition film at a comfortable price.

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