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Five Hints When Taking Pictures of the Grand Canyon State Park

Five Hints When Taking Pictures of the Grand Canyon State Park

The enormous Grand Canyon State Park is probably the top tourist spot in the USA.

If you have never been there yourself, just plain words can’t describe the beauty.

Everywhere you look in visitor shops you’ will see tons of postcards filled with pictures of the iconic landscape of the Grand Canyon.

To get beyond the typical photos you always see it requires some work and a bit of skill.

Take a look at the following Grand Canyon tips to help you take great photos:

1) Stay Safe

The Grand Canyon is enormous, stunning and deadly. People die each year falling into the canyon by slipping or not watching where they’re going and just walking off the edge. Gusty winds occur during the majority of the year and they cause issues as well. Ensure your tripod is secure so it isn’t tipped over destroying your camera, and make sure that you aren’t knocked down by the powerful winds as well.

Taking pictures of the Grand Canyon State Park

Taking pictures of the Grand Canyon State Park – time lapse photography sequences and still photographs!

2) Foretelling Slashing Light

The phenomenon called slashing light found at the Grand Canyon is from low level, quick moving clouds reflecting daylight at the canyon which causes a spotlight effect to happen. If you watch carefully, you can foretell where the light will occur and how to capture the image.

3) Pick the Right Lens

The Grand Canyon is a smorgasbord of photographic potential, the possibilities are almost never-ending. Because modern zoom lenses are such top of the range, the lens choice should be simple. Having a quality zoom on your camera means you wont have to switch lenses and risk getting mud inside the camera or on the image sensor. It ought to be noted that extreme wide angle lenses should potentially be evaded as they may cause the detail of the image to disappear.

4) Watch the Horizon and Weather Report

There were so many millions of photos taken of the Grand Canyon that finding something unique to photograph can be very troublesome. If you can find a point in time when the weather will give you some drama or at a minimum something fascinating in the shot it will help considerably. Listen to real-time weather reports and if you can find a storm forming you can get some great shots.

5) Capture the Seasons

During different times of year there are different areas you need to visit and things you need to shoot:

* May to June, wildflowers on the North Edge and impressive.

* In early October on the North Edge the aspen and maple trees are changing color.

* Winter sees the North Edge closed after the first snowfall till spring, so that the South Edge has all of the action.

Now you know all of the best strategies for creating great shots of the Grand Canyon! Just be totally certain your camera is operating correctly before you go, and that you do not need a camera repair service. Make sure you know where to get a digital camera repair before you take off on your trip!

So when planning that upcoming family vacation next year, make sure you remember this guidance and your photographs will go from good to amazing!

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