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Choosing An Outdoor Home Security Camera

Wired vs. Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera

This video compares the pluses and minuses of wired and wireless security camera systems and if they are suitable as an indoor or outdoor security camera.

There are many types of home security camera on the market, for all types environments and budgets. This article focus on security cameras you can use outdoors.

This article will demonstrate what are the key points to consider when acquiring a camera, things to look for in a security camera, and how to decipher the technical jargon to determine which sets apart one home security camera from another. Here are some important things to consider:


What specifically do you wish to monitor? It may seem obvious in the beginning, but it is worth thinking about a little bit. Are you concerned just about the front entrance? Think about any rear entrances? Can you really access the inside of the positioning via a broken window? Any entrances for the building from the roof? According to what you want to do, you will need more than one camera for what you want to accomplish. For example, one camera pointing for the front entrance might not be enough if the intruder can easily jump onto your building from an adjoining building and enter by way of a roof access door.

Another point to consider is your camera’s viewing angle. The wider the ‘shot’, the more your camera can capture, as well as additional details in the periphery of the camera. A wider viewing angle is generally preferred, as it will record more detail.


Something that can drive the price of the camera up is its image quality or its resolution. This is the difference between a grainy, blurry picture, along with a sharp, high-quality image. The higher the resolution, the better the image (and higher the price). Take into account that if you will be recording the pictures to save for posterity, higher resolution cameras will demand more storage space. More on this in another article.

Will layout, design of your location enable wired cameras, or can it require wireless cameras? This is an important point to keep in mind. Wired cameras will definitely cost more to set up depending on where the cables need to be run to. Wireless cameras offer flexibility because you can place them virtually anywhere, as long as they are within range. Bear in mind, wireless range is suffering from walls and other obstacles, which may severely reduce the advertised range for your camera you are considering.


Another camera feature that you need to consider is whether the camera has the option to be motion-activated or not. Keep in mind that if a camera is continually recording, demands for storage will increase. This might require you to save less in the way of recorded footage in order to have enough storage space. A camera with a motion-sensor won’t record constantly, which can be a storage-space saver during periods of low activity.

Additional features that might help you limit your choices are: capability to zoom, sound-recording capability, night-vision capability, amongst others.


As you can see, there are lots of things to consider when choosing a burglar alarm camera. Research well and gather all the information you can in order to compare cameras. Note what cameras security companies elect to install, as this is definitely an indicator of reliability.

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