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Infrared Surveillance Camera Buying Tips For Beginners

Two Infrared Surveillance Camera Examples

A comparison of a residential bullet infrared surveillance camera to a larger commercial infrared (IR) bullet security camera.

The advent from the CCTV camera makes crime that much more challenging to commit and criminals very much easier to apprehend. Even crimes committed in low lighting or complete darkness may be monitored and recorded, due to infrared technology. Should you prefer a security camera that is reliable and effective, consider using the infrared surveillance camera. Here are a few buying tips to bear in mind:

Consider the resolution

Resolution refers back to the camera’s ability to produce good, clear pictures. It’s usually measured in terms of TVLs or TV lines (the lines of horizontal type that appear on a monitor screen that form the images), or in pixels.

If you can find budget constraints you need to consider, look for a good-priced infrared surveillance camera that has a high TVL resolution. This may ensure that you get good, sharp images each time, even if the camera took them during the night. If budget is not just a concern, consider a surveillance camera having a high megapixel count. It will cost you but if you want high-end coverage and image clarity, that’s the way to go.

Look for a camera with good control functions

There are basically two types of infrared surveillance cameras you can purchase: the fixed type and also the PTZ or pan, tilt and zoom type. Either one works very well for monitoring specific areas and contains its own advantages and limitations.

A hard and fast camera is a good choice for monitoring smaller areas as it can only be focused one way. It can also be used to monitor larger or wider areas if it is installed at a higher location. The PTZ infrared surveillance camera, on the other hand, can be set or controlled to maneuver from left to right, along. It also has a contact so it’s easier to obtain a closer view of an item from a remote location.

Before buying a particular type of surveillance camera, consider your needs first. Is a PTZ camera the greater choice for your building or will a hard and fast camera do?

How wide will be the area or room you need to monitor? Will you require a closeup shot of objects that appear onscreen or will footage from the wide angle be sufficient?

Look for a camera with a decent LUX rating

The LUX rating refers back to the ability of the camera lens to process images at low lighting. Before selecting an infrared surveillance camera, look at the general environment from the area you want to monitor. Will it be pitch dark or is a source of light available from somewhere, such as a lamp post or perhaps an outdoor light?

Buy a camera that has a day/night mode so you can switch the settings as needed and look for one that includes a sufficient capability to process images at different levels of lighting.

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