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Wireless Cameras Caution: Step Up Your Reputation With Good Software

Wireless cameras, Wireless IR Camera System

Wireless cameras, Wireless IR Camera System—WCGAPS (

The boom in the wireless camera and safety devices market has poured in big profits not only to the manufacturers of these devices but in addition to online resellers who market and sell these products on eBay and similar web sites. However, you should be aware of certain problems that may go with this boom, particularly with the difficulties on software as neglecting this could sink your business.

The Software Issue

You may be totally aware that almost all of the electronics available in the market nowadays come from makers in China. Some could have common brands while others really carry the Chinese brands they’re made with. These products have price-tags that are just a fourth or a third of the price of similar OEM or branded products. This is still true even for wireless cameras and similar devices.

If researched closely, the one difference between these two is the name of the brand itself. Both can function in an identical manner and capacity, and usually have the same warranties, features and alternatives. Some may disagree that China-made products are of low quality, but there are essentially more products made in China that are at par in performance and quality with their branded counterparts but at a fraction of the price.

Why these products come relatively inexpensive, except for the literally unknown brand, is that the majority are sold without the proprietary software or applications as part of the package. And here is where the issues with software start, as devious people have a tendency to bundle wireless camera packages with bootleg or cracked software.

What’s worse is that these resellers try to pass off this bundled software as the real deal when they’re not. So when it comes to downloading updates or upgrading to newer versions, users will find themselves in a bind and would have great problem in getting what they want.

Illegal Software Is Bad For Your Online Business

Don’t try and imitate these sneaky outlets by using illegal software with your products or be prepared to face the negative consequences such actions will bring to your internet enterprise. You may end up facing an annoyed mob of customers who couldn’t update, and in some cases couldn’t use, their wireless camera products due to cracked software. It can do irreparable damage to your online reputation or worst find yourself in a court action bind.

Defending Yourself from Illegal Software

As a reseller or retailer of wireless cameras, you can protect yourself by avoiding providers and wholesalers who sell their products with bootleg or cracked software. You can do so by working only with providers who offer 12-month guaranties. Aside from that, you may look for providers with an established quality control system and are actually performing quality checks on their wireless camera products.

If the products you receive come with installed or bundled software, you can check their authenticity by getting in touch with the software vendor and giving them the serial numbers for corroboration. If your products come without bundled software, you download trial versions of applicable software from the vendor itself, leaving it to the buyer to purchase for themselves a full version of the software. You may make use of open source applications that will be compatible with your product.

Wireless camera forums could be a useful source of information where you can get good computer applications. Chat groups like and are great forums where you can get information regarding good locations where you can get credible software for your wireless cameras and avoiding the cracked or illegal ones.

Making this extra effort to make certain that your customers don’t get cracked or illegal software which will finally damage their hardware would be much appreciated by these consumers. This appreciation will eventually lead to a better name for you as an internet seller and better possibilities for your internet business.

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