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Make A Video Slideshow With Animoto DVD Slideshow Maker

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Introduction To Video Slideshows

A Set Of Slides For A Slideshow.Photographs For A Slideshow Presentation.

Have you ever wanted to make a video slideshow or DVD slideshow of your own?

Have you ever wanted to share a photo slideshow of holiday snaps with family, friends and work colleagues?

With the advent of the digital camera, digital media and easy to use DVD slideshow software programs, like the Animoto DVD slideshow maker, anyone can be a video creator or DVD maker.

Digital equipment and digital media makes the video slideshow production process easy and available to everyone.

The easy production of digital videos and physical DVDs provides the added benefits of portability and ease of sharing.

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Contents On Video Slideshows

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What Is A Slideshow

A Slide Projector.

A slideshow, or slide show, is a presentation of a sequence of images and its purpose may be either artistic or instructional. Showing one image or photo after the other creates a dynamic presentation. Before the advent of digital media, a slideshow was conducted by a presenter utilising electro-mechanical equipment like an overhead projector or a carousel slide projector. I suppose we could have called such presenters a “photo slideshow maker”.

Overhead Screen For Displaying A Slideshow.

The term slideshow has been derived from the use of slides, which were originally projected onto a display screen, and have been with us for many years. Slideshows originally accompanied a verbal presentation with the main benefits being that it enabled the presenter to reduce the amount of speaking required to convey information. In this context, the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” can be extremely valuable.

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Digital Slideshows & Slideshow Software

A Physical DVD Disc.

Since the arrival of the computer and the creation of photo slideshow software, or just slideshow software, almost any document that can be scanned can be incorporated into a digital slideshow. The added benefit of slideshow programs is that the digital slideshows produced can be made to order for the individual customer’s own personal use. Anyone can use their own photographs, music, and other documents such as birthday cards, wedding invitations, etc. Thus virtually anyone who can take photos with a camera can make a slideshow and become a slideshow creator. Please note however, that the use of music, documents and other images not created by the individual creating the image slideshow can not use them for commercial purposes unless they have a licence for such usage.

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Some Uses Of Slideshows

A picture slideshow is often used for educational purposes. The presenter creates a dynamic audiovisual presentation with the pertinent details of the entire presentation being incorporated into the slides, and being accompanied by a spoken dialogue. A popular use is as a dynamic presentation of images in public locations such as museums.

Slideshows also have artistic uses, such as screensavers, where images are randomly displayed, or in a set sequence when the computer is unused for a period of time. They are also becoming more popular for personal use by presenting holiday snaps as a photos slideshow and can even be sent to family and friends over the internet or by DVD slideshow on a physical DVD mailed in the post.

The slideshow has long been popular as a way of conveying information to groups of business people. The ability to easily combine images and text for display at business meetings makes the slideshow an ideal way to communicate with clients or business partners. Today the online slideshow in the form of a video slideshow is increasingly used for both entertainment and marketing on video sites such as YouTube.

Here’s an example of a Christmas party that I recorded as a series of photos and video clips. I have orchestrated the video with the Animoto online video slideshow maker and added background music from their library. The video is 6 minutes and 14 seconds long so don’t feel obliged to watch it all, but it’s an example of what can be achieved as a novice:

Make A Video Slideshow Or Video Of Your Christmas Celebration!

This video slideshow shows myself and some of my SPICE Birmingham friends having plenty of fun at a Christmas Dinner Dance Party. You too could easily make a video slideshow Of your own!

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Video Slideshow Equipment & Formats

A Digital Camera.

Today’s photo slideshow software has made it extremely easy to make and display a photo slideshow. To make slideshow creations you don’t need a video camera or complex video software or a projector. All you need is a digital camera, a computer and suitable slideshow software. One can make a video slideshow now in many formats, including DVD format and even High Definition (HD) video format. They can then be displayed on your PC or TV via a standard DVD player. A great video slideshow creator program, or video maker, that can be easily used by virtually anyone to produce professional looking video slideshows is Animoto’s online slideshow program.

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Video Slideshow Transitions & Other Features

A DVD Player.

Photo slideshow software usually has a number of features in addition to just showing the image slideshow. It is possible to add transitions, that is, fancy ways of moving from one image to the next in the sequence. Other effects include panning over the image from one side to another, and zooming in to or out from the image. Other features that can be incorporated within a video slideshow using software are: short video clips; background music; verbal narrations and text captions. On top of all that, your completed video slideshow can also be burned as a physical DVD and watched later on a PC or TV via a standard DVD player. This feature can be ideal for creating gifts for family and friends.

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Want A Simple Powerful Video Slideshow Creator?

A Computer.

You can find out about a “free slideshow creator”, or should I say “free slideshow software”, and create your own free slideshow online by searching the internet. What makes a good video slideshow package is a matter of preferences. On the one hand there are enthusiasts that want complete control over every aspect of the video slideshow production process. That’s fine as long as you remember that it requires a greater investment in time to master a larger number of features to achieve this. It will also take more time to create each video slideshow you create if you decide on every aspect of the creation process. On the other hand there are people who want a great video slideshow result but also want a video slideshow production process that is simple and not excessively time consuming. Animoto is an online service that achieves just that and more.

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Animoto Video Slideshows

The Animoto service is probably one of the best slideshow software online services available. Each time you use Animoto it will produce a completely unique video from your photos, video clips and music. Animoto automatically produces delightfully orchestrated videos, fast and it’s very easy to use.

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Summary On Video Slideshows

A photo slideshow displays images in sequence and can be used for:

  • Entertainment,
  • Educational, and
  • business purposes.

Digital equipment and media makes the video slideshow production process both simply and available to everyone.

A video slideshow or DVD slideshow gives the added dimensions of:

  • Portability, and
  • Ease of sharing,

with family, friends and work colleagues.

These days anyone can be a video creator or DVD maker with easy to use DVD slideshow software programs like the Animoto DVD slideshow maker.

Would you like to create superb, unique video slideshows that you can share with family, friends and work colleagues?

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