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Video Slideshow Ideas As Photo Gift Ideas – Personal And Creative Gift Ideas

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Introduction To Photo Gift Ideas

Video Slideshow Ideas As Photo Gift Ideas – Personal And Creative Gift Ideas

Special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Halloween, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, fancy dress parties, balls, anniversaries, etc; are great for presenting personal and creative gift ideas to people you care about.

These occasions are great for giving photo gift ideas or even more creative video slideshow ideas.

I believe the Animoto Video Slideshow Maker is probably the easiest and fastest way to make fabulous personal and creative photo gifts.

Find out about video slideshows as photo gift ideas below and take a look at our example.

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Contents On Video Gift Ideas

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Example Video Of Photo Gift Ideas

Video Slideshow As Custom Photo Gift Idea, Creative Gift Ideas, Personalized Photo Gifts

This video slideshow shows various occasions for which you can create a great custom photo gift idea, creative gift ideas or personalized photo gifts!

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About Photo Gift Ideas

Happy Mothers Day

What do we usually do when it is time to give a gift for a: birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or any other special occasion? More often than not we are inclined to go to a shop and buy the usual types of gift items.

For the ladies we usually get either: chocolates; a piece of jewellery; a bunch of flowers; some perfume; some CDs or DVDs; books or a photo album, etc. For the men it is usually either: after shave lotion; a tie; a watch; something related to his favourite sport; car parts; etc.

I have probably been asked by several people the kind of gift I would like to receive and I have suggested most the gifts listed above for men on one occasion or another. Indeed, all of these gifts are fine but don’t you feel that they are a little bit predictable and dare I say it, boring!

One special gift I have not requested from anyone is that of photo gift ideas such as a slideshow or video slideshow. A special video slideshow made just for me. Special personal and creative gift ideas like these are highly desirable and would be prized above all of the usual gifts received.

I have never requested a video slideshow before and may never request one, most likely because it is the type of gift that comes from the heart and are the type of gift you do not usually ask for but wait for someone to surprise you with.

Valentine Kiss

When I presented a video slideshow to my partner for Valentines Day and another for her birthday, I could see her face light up with pleasure as she watched all the photos and video clips of the various activities we had done together over the years. The combination of images and music chosen touched her heart in a way the usual type of present could not.

If you believe the idiom “one picture is worth ten thousand words” is true then a video slideshow can speak volumes to the heart. As my partner watched the images of her and myself enjoying ourselves at: various balls and parties such as the Christmas Dinner Dance and the Halloween Party; our celebration on Valentines Day; fancy dress parties during weekends away at Center Parcs; etc; a tear of enjoyment rolled down her cheek.

The music I chose for the video slideshows added an extra emotional dimension and the personal message from me gave it that extra special meaning that combined together to give my partner some of the most cherished gifts she has ever received. She often watches the video slideshows when we are apart. I wonder if anyone (are you reading this Honey) will ever make a video slideshow for me?

Video slideshows make great gift ideas for everyone. Here are some people that would love to receive a personal creative video slideshow:

  • Partner or Love Interest – You could present your partner with a romantic video slideshow that celebrates your life together. Imagine how great this would make your partner feel if you created a video slideshow as a surprise! You could start with the time you met each other and progress your years together and highlighting all of your most special and memorable moments together. If you also add “your special song” and “personal messages” then you will be adding that extra emotional dimension that gives it the Wow factor! You could then organize a special romantic candlelit evening so that you can present and watch it together. What else could be more special than that?
  • Happy Fathers Day

  • Mothers and Fathers – What mom or dad would not love to receive a video slideshow that demonstrates just how much they are loved and appreciated by their children. Presenting a video slideshow to your mom and/or dad is a fabulous way to demonstrate that everything your parents have done for you have not gone unnoticed.
  • Grandparents – Do grandparents brag? Yes, of course they do and they especially love to brag to their friends about their grandchildren. Just think how proud your grandparents would feel if you made then a video slideshow of their grandchildren for them to show their friends the next time they get together!
  • Family and Friends – If you have family or friends that live a long distance away then they would particularly love to receive a video slideshow that shows them what you have been up to. You could send them a video slideshow at Christmas time that shows all the events that have happened in your life that year. Even though you are separated by a long distance, doing this would make them feel that they are still a part of your life.
  • Friendships – Creating a video slideshow centred around a special friendship is another fantastic idea. Gather up all the pictures of your times together, add a special friendship song and you’ll have a gift you’ll all cherish forever!
  • Coming Of Age – Coming of age could be either a special birthday such as a 21st or even graduation. Young adults or graduates love to watch video slideshows that show them growing up from the time they were born until their special birthday or graduation day! These video slideshows are fabulous because when they feel lonely or homesick in college, or simply want to reminisce, they can simply play the video slideshow and watch all of their family and friends to feel comforted and help them feel closer to home once again. On top of that, they will have a keepsake to show their own children.

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Summary On Photo Gift Ideas

Say Thanks On Mothers Day

No matter who it is for; a mother or father; partner, wife or husband; grandparent, child or friend; when you are looking for a special and personal gift idea; video slideshows make ideal surprise gifts.

People will cherish them because they are creative, personal and emotional gifts that come straight from the heart.

A video slideshow crated especially by you can say many things: “I really appreciate you”; “I love you”; “Do you remember when we …”; “You’ are so special to me”; “Having you in my life is the more important thing to me”; or whatever else you want to say.

So what are you waiting for?

Get all your old photography together from the cupboard drawers and boxes under the bed and your various photo albums and start making your creative gift ideas for the people you care about.

Create photo gift ideas for your loved ones and think about how they will cherish them forever!

Get started today on your creative video slideshow ideas. Think about the pleasure they will bring to people.

If you would like to learn how to create great video slideshows for any and all occasions then read my article entitled Animoto Free Account DVD and Video Slideshow Maker.

Or, if you like to learn from doing then check out the Animoto Free Account now! and find out how great this video slideshow maker is first hand!

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